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Jay Dance, LLC is a choreography business providing services of various dance styles

for both private and public events from birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, hair

shows, etc. Jay Dance, LLC also provides services for dance/cheer teams, k-12 schools, college/university teams, and churches. Services available for individuals, couples, and groups online and in-person!

Jay Dance STORY
About Jada Nunn (Owner):

Jada Nunn launched Jay Dance in October 2017 with inspiration of Coach D of the Dancing Dolls. She also took many Zumba classes, and was thrilled at the idea of having a career in doing what she loves dearly while also teaching, inspiring, and staying healthy and fit.


She began instructing children at the West Chatham YMCA during the Summer of 2017. With a strong background in competitive cheering, initially, the goal of Jay Dance was to be a competitive team for the youth, however as Jay

Dance grew and Jada worked more with individuals of different ages and levels she

could see that Jay Dance could offer services to those looking to compete or even those

who just would like to dance for fun, and at any age!

Get to know Jada Nunn (Coach Jay)

I would like to tell you a little about me and my background and share some of my experiences!

-Participated in cheerleading since age 3, from the little leagues to competitive, to middle and high school teams

- Served in a leadership role as co-captain while cheering for Savannah’s Southside Jaguars Little League Squad

- Participated in many cheer camps including “The City of Savannah”; summer cheer program during the year 2009

- Expanded expertise in dance at Sol C. Johnson High School by joining the “Classic Couture” danceline

- Founded and managed a girls’ club in high school by the name of LOVES (Ladies Overcoming Various Experiences for Success)

- Joined Armstrong State University dance team during freshman year of college

- Served as treasurer of the dance team during sophomore year of college

- Danced alongside the “Dancing Dolls” of Lifetime’s series “Bring It!” in Atlanta during tour of June 2015

- Volunteered at YMCA- West Chatham Branch Summer 2017 as the coach for Cheer Week

- Instructed dance classes at YMCA-West Chatham Branch since Fall 2017

- Ran specialty dance camps during YMCA- West Chatham Branch camp Summer 2018

- Instructing dance classes at YMCA- West Broad Branch since Summer 2018

- Coaching Dance Savannah Team since Fall 2018

- Recently decided to take leadership abilities and dance skills to share with the world and encourage others to chase their dreams and let their light shine bright!

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